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Hello everyone,

We hope that all of you are staying safe and staying healthy. With Governor Wolf moving Adams County into the yellow phase and we will most likely be in the green phase for this auction we feel confident that we can safely move forward with this auction. With that being said, we will be adhering to social distancing practices and following CDC guidelines. As stated by Governor Tom Wolf, for non-occupational purposes you can only have groups of 25 people. However, for occupational purposes businesses can operate at 50% occupancy. With this sale this is possible. Half of the auction will be held outside with 300+ lots of fishing, while the other half of the auction (firearms and firearm related smalls) will be held inside. Our kitchen will be shut down and Paul will be operating out of his food truck outside. We will be removing chairs and spreading chairs out to encourage social distancing practices that worked in our first auction. Our checkout and registration lines will have floor markings to help maintain social distancing. We have expanded our sale inspection days & times for those that do not feel comfortable to attend the sale so that they can preview the items with less interaction with people. As usual, you’ll be able to set up Absentee Bids and Phone Bids. We recommend that everyone wear a mask and please stay home if you are sick. All staff members will be wearing masks. We will have staff members sanitizing the building all day long and will provide hand sanitizing stations. We look forward to seeing all of you on Sunday, June 14th and until then stay safe and stay healthy!  

Sunday, June 14, 2020 @ 8:30 AM
(This Sale was originally scheduled for March 29th)

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Please click the link to the bid form above if you would like to leave absentee/phone bids and email to or contact us directly @ 717-334-6941 to set up absentee/phone bidding.  Thank you!

Sale Inspection
Thursday, June 11 - 10 AM-5 PM
Friday, June 12 - 10 AM - 5 PM
Saturday, June 13 - 11 AM - 3 PM

Fishing Lots #1-314 - To Be Sold at 8:30 AM

Firearms #211-315, AA-ZZ, AAA-CCC - To Be Sold at 11 AM (Approx.)

Firearms #1-210, A-L - To Be Sold At 1 PM (Approx.)

Click Below for Gun Pictures
Guns 1-5

Guns 6-10

Guns 11-20

Guns 21-30

Guns 31-40

Guns 41-50

Guns 51-60

Guns 61-70, A

Guns 71-80

Guns 81-90

Guns 91-95, B-C, 96-100

Guns 101-110

Guns 111-120

Guns 121-130

Guns 131-140

Guns 141-150

Guns 151-154, D, 155-159, E, 160

Guns 161-165, F, 166-170

Guns 171-175, G, 176-180, H-L

Guns 181-190

Guns 191-200

Guns 201-210

Guns 211-220

Guns 221-230

Guns 231-236, M-N, 237-238, O-P, 239-240

Guns 241-243, Q-W

Guns X-Z, AA-LL

Guns MM-SS, 244-250

Guns 251-254, TT, 255-260

Guns 261-270

Guns 271-273, UU-WW, 274-278, XX, 279-280

Guns 281-290

Guns 291-292, YY, 293-300

Guns 301-303, ZZ, AAA-CCC, 304-310

Guns 311-315

Fishing Lots 1-25

Fishing Lots 26-50

Fishing Lots 51-75

Fishing Lots 76-100

Fishing Lots 101-125

Fishing Lots 126-150

Fishing Lots 151-175

Fishing Lots 176-200

Fishing Lots 201-225

Fishing Lots 226-250

Fishing Lots 251-275

Fishing Lots 276-300

Fishing Lots 301-314

Smalls 1

Smalls 2

Smalls 3

Smalls 4

Smalls 5

Smalls 6

Smalls 7

Smalls 8

Smalls 9

Smalls 10

Smalls 11

Smalls 12

Mounts 1

Mounts 2

Mounts & Hides 3


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