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Firearms #1-230 to Sell at 1:00 PM (Approx.)


The majority of this 2-Day sale is from the Thomas WIlson Bragg Estate

Thomas Wilson Bragg

Born in Gassaway WV on July 30th 1929.   He graduated from Gassaway High School in 1948, where he played football and basketball and was Class President all 4 years.    Attended Glenville State College for 2 years then enlisted in the USAF when his country needed him to fight in Korea.   This started what would become a 27yr career in the USAF.    Tom completed 12 missions in Korea, 389 mission in Vietnam, and 400 mission for the Strategic Air Command.    He flew in a KB-29 Tanker and was the Tail Gunner on B-50, B-36, and B-52 bombers.    He was honorably discharged on Jan 31st 1974 at the rank of Senior Master Sergeant with the following accolades: 19 Oak Clusters, membership in the SAC 5000 Hour Club, Certified Dead Eye, Certified Bonus Dealer, 22 Air Medals, and recipient of two Distinguished Flying Crosses.   After his USAF career he returned to WV where he graduated from Fairmont State College in 1978.    He purchased land to raise cattle and continue his lifetime endeavor of collecting military firearms.


Note:  Any Guns With Just a Lot # Before it Designates That it is an Antique/Black Powder Gun & Registration is NOT Required & Any Guns That Have an “R” After the # Designates That This Gun Has to be Registered.

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Guns 181-190

Guns 191-200

Guns 201-210

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Guns 221-230

Bayonets 1-15

Bayonets 16-30

Bayonets 31-45

Bayonets 46-60

Bayonets 61-75

Bayonets 76-90

Bayonets 91-105

Bayonets 106-120

Bayonets 121-135

Bayonets 136-150

Bayonets 151-165

Bayonets 166-180


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