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Thursday, October 27, 2022 at 3:00 PM

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Please click the link to the bid form above if you would like to leave absentee/phone bids and email to or contact us directly @ 717-334-6941 to set up absentee/phone bidding.  Thank you!

Sale Inspection
Wednesday, October 26 - 10AM-5PM & Sale Day
Doors Open Sale Day - 9:00 AM

Any gun with a number means it is a registrable firearm.  Any gun with an alphabetical letter is a black powder gun or antique & manufactured Pre-1898 meaning No registration is required.

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Guns 1-10, A

Guns 11-20

Guns 21-28, B, 29-30

Guns 31-34, C-H

Guns I-L, 35-40

Guns 41-50

Guns 51-60

Guns 61-68, M-O

Guns P-W, 69-70

Guns 71-80

Guns 81-90

Guns 91-100

Guns 101-110

Guns X-Z, AA-HH

Guns 111-114, II, 115-120

Guns 121-130

Guns 131, JJ-LL, 132-140

Guns 141-150

Guns 151-155, MM-OO

Guns PP-QQ, 156-160

Guns 161-170, RR

Guns 171-180

Guns 181-190

Guns 191-200

Guns 201-203

Accessories A1-A25

Accessories A26-A50

Accessories A51-A75

Accessories A76-A100

Accessories A101-A125

Accessories A126-A150

Accessories A151-A175

Accessories A176-A200

Accessories A201-A225

Accessories A226-A250

Accessories A251-A275

Accessories A276-A300

Accessories A301-A326

Traps & Misc

Box Lots/Buyer's Choice


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