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Sunday, June 2, 2024 at 8:00 AM

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Sale Schedule as Follows (All Times Are Approx.):
8:30 AM - 1st Auctioneer to Sell Gun Accessories #A643-A1076
8:00 AM - 2nd Auctioneer to Sell Gun Related Box Lots
12:00 PM - w/Only One Auctioneer Selling Firearms #1-239, A-Z, AA-CC

Sale Inspection
Friday, May 31st - 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Saturday (During Sale)
& Day of Sale - Doors Open at 6:30 AM

Any gun with a number means it is a registrable firearm.  Any gun with an alphabetical letter is a black powder gun or antique & manufactured Pre-1898 meaning No registration is required.

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Guns #1-22, A-Z, AA-BB & Prints #P1-P97 Below to Sell at 12:00 PM

Guns 1-10

Prints P1-P10

Guns 11-20

Prints P11-P20

Guns 21-30

Prints P21-P30

Guns 31-36, A-E, 37-40

Prints P31-P40

Guns 41, F-G, 42-47, H, 48-50

Prints P41-P50

Guns 51-55, I, 56-60

Prints P51-P60

Guns 61-70

Prints P61-P70

Guns 71-80

Prints P71-P80

Guns 81-83, J, 84-90

Prints P81-P90

Guns 91-100

Prints P91-P97

Guns 101-104, K, 105-110

Guns 111-118, L-N, 119-120

Guns 121-130

Guns 131-137, O-R, 138-140

Guns 141-143, S, 144, T, 145-146, U, 147, V-W, 148-150

Guns 151-160

Guns 161-170

Guns 171-180

Guns 181-190

Guns 191, X-Z, 192-200

Guns 201-210

Guns 211-217, AA-BB, 218-220

Guns 221-230

Guns 231-234, CC, 235-239

Accessories Below to Sell at 8:30 AM

Accessories A643-A660

Accessories A661-A680

Accessories A681-A700

Accessories A701-A720

Accessories A721-A740

Accessories A741-A760

Accessories A761-A780

Accessories A781-A800

Accessories A801-A820

Accessories A821-A840

Accessories A841-A860

Accessories A861-A880

Accessories A881-A900

Accessories A901-A920

Accessories A921-A940

Accessories A941-A960

Accessories A961-A980

Accessories A981-A1000

Accessories A1001-A1020

Accessories A1021-A1040

Accessories A1041-A1060

Accessories A1061-A1074

Accessories A1075-A1076 (Gun Safes)

Animal Mounts Below to Sell at 10:00 AM

Animal Mounts 1-10

Animal Mounts 11-20

Animal Mounts 21-30

Animal Mounts 31-40

Animal Mounts 41-50

Animal Mounts 51-60

Animal Mounts/Hunting Related 61-70

Animal Mounts/Hunting Related 71-80

Animal Mounts/Hunting Related 81-90

Animal Mounts/Hunting Related 91-100

Animal Mounts/Hunting Related 101-105

Animal Mounts/Hunting Related

Animal/Hunting Related Books

Box Lots/Buyer's Choice Below to Sell at 8:00 AM

Buyer's Choice BB Guns

Buyer's Choice Fishing Rods 1

Buyer's Choice Fishing Rods 2

Buyer's Choice Fishing Items

Buyer's Choice/Box Lots 1

Buyer's Choice/Box Lots 2

Buyer's Choice/Box Lots 3

Buyer's Choice/Box Lots 4

Buyer's Choice/Box Lots 5

Buyer's Choice/Box Lots 6

Buyer's Choice/Box Lots 7

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