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Real Estate Auctions are an effective alternative and offer some advantages over traditional property sales. These advantages are worthy of your consideration. Contrary to public opinion, real estate auctions offer selling conditions that are sometimes better than traditional real estate sales methods. Real estate auctions in the United States are currently on the rise. Banking institutions, attorneys, as well as property owners are discovering that property auctions are a viable option and offer an alternative avenue to profitability.

The following are some advantages of Real Estate Auction Sales:

• Quicker sale of Real Estate
• Eliminates high carrying cost for long periods of time (taxes, insurance, maintenance)
• Attracts the attention of buyers who compete for purchase
• Offers pre-qualified buyers as real prospects
• Convenience of a complete package for the real estate. (Optional sale of personal property items at the same time)

Real estate auctions create excitement because they bring together all of the potential buyers of a property, encouraging direct competition among prospective buyers. Carefully planned promotions attract the necessary qualified buyers well in advance of the auction date. Redding's professionalism throughout the sale is demonstrated by their record of successful real estate auction transactions.

If you are interested in real estate auction services, please call to discuss your options. Phone: 717-334-6941

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